~A Gift from Indonesia~

Fermented soybean foods such as natto, miso, and soy sauce frequently appear on the dinner table in Japan. Soybeans have long been an indispensable ingredient in our lives. Similarly, in Indonesia, a fermented soybean food called “tempeh” has been a staple protein source for over 400 years. Tempeh, with its meat-like texture, is a superfood that has attracted the attention of health-conscious people around the world.

Soybeans x Fermentation = Beauty and Health

Tempeh, is made by fermenting soybeans. It is rich in dietary fiber that helps balance the intestinal environment. In addition, isoflavones, which are abundant in soybeans, are said to help prevent diseases specific to women because they work like female hormones. The tempeh fungus fermentation process makes it easier for us to absorb these bioactive compounds. Soybeans are also rich in anti-aging protein, and are believed effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

Add tempeh to any dish

Either grilled or fried, the meat-like texture of tempeh is a welcome addition to a variety of dishes.

Authentic taste created by carefully selected ingredients

We produce tempeh using domestically grown soybeans and carefully selected mountain water. Rusto’s tempeh is made using a unique process in the natural environment of Shiga Prefecture where it has the same taste and aroma as the tempeh made in Indonesia. We hope you will take advantage of our nationwide shipping and enjoy the authentic taste of Rusto’s tempeh.